We provide a hassle-free and relatively painless experience for our clients in obtaining the neccesary building permit for their needs. We serve all clients, whether you are an individual or a corporate retailer, we provide one of the fastest service in town. On your behalf, we will Prepare Site Drawings, Obtain all necessary Pool/Spa Engineering Specifications, Obtain all necessary Filtration and Recirculation Systems Certificate of Compliance, Obtain Safety Barriers Certificate of Compliance and lodge your Building Permit Application.

Building Permits for our clients include permits for:

  • Construction of Swimming Pool (such as In-Ground Concrete, Fibre-glass and Above-ground Vinyl-lined pools).
  • Installation of Outdoor Spa (such as In-ground SwimSpas and freestanding Spas).
  • Construction of Pool/Spa Safety Barriers or Fencing.
  • Construction of Decks.
  • Construction of Gazebos, Pergolas or even a Balinese hut.