Occasionally, some of our clients upon taking ownership of a new home, find themselves with a non-compliant or illegal pool. Some have even encountered errant pool ‘builders’ who have omitted to obtain a building permit prior to its construction. Inevitably, this results in the issue of a Building Notice/Order and imposition of hefty fines from their local councils.

We help provide our clients with services that would enable their pools to be certified as safe and built in accordance to the Building Code and Australian Standards (if indeed they are).

While this process of backward engineering is lengthy and more costly (e.g. requiring X-ray of pool’s wall to determine its structural soundness), it ¬†nevertheless allow our clients to obtain the necessary permits and “save” the pool as against a complete demolition of the pool.


Note that legally and technically, there is no such retrospective permit. However there is a Certification of Illegal Works process which includes obtaining a “Certificate of Compliance – Inspection” which then rescinds the said Building Notice/Order.