Our client had engaged a Pool Builder to construct his 10mx5m concrete pool for him, believing that all was legitimate. Just as the construction of the pool was complete and prior to its handover, the pool bulder disappeared and could not be contacted. Apparently the company was doing poorly and had subsequently closed down. Unfortunately, the homeowner was stuck with an uninspected and uncertified pool and no building permit. Consequently, the local council also issued him a Building Notice.

Stuck with nowhere to go and facing the prospect of filling in the pool (with dirt), we were recommended to come to his assistance to help “save” the pool. With no inspections done at the various stages, we had to empty out the pool and have the pool walls X-rayed for structural stability amongst other things.

This backward process was time-consuming and cost more than the normal process, but it was necessary. Otherwise, our client would have lost all his investment in the swimming pool which would have been demolished without even using it. Eventually, after several months, we were able to obtain the Certificate of Final Inspection for him and he is now enjoying his pool.