Building Regulations 2018

On Saturday, 2nd June, the Building Regulations 2018 commenced.

Almost 2000 building practitioners have attended, or are planning to attend, seminars held by the VBA around Victoria to introduce and explain what has changed from the Building Regulations 2006 and the Building Interim Regulations 2017.

Importantly, the Building Regulations 2018 mark the start of a transition to a more efficient, more competitive and better-informed building industry.

As you know, the industry is changing rapidly. Our cities are developing differently, with a higher density of building and new materials and methods in use.

Consumers and regulators expect the work of building practitioners to be compliant, efficient, cost-effective and completed to the highest quality. Coupled with strong demand, these changes have placed considerable pressure on the entire building industry.

It is essential that Victoria’s Building Regulations not only keep pace, but also lead the way in ensuring that our industry meets these expectations. As the regulator, the VBA must move with the times.

The VBA has been directed and resourced by the State Government to be more proactive in monitoring and enforcing the Building Act and the Regulations. You can now expect to see more of the VBA on building sites around Victoria.

More information about the Building Regulations 2018, including practice notes and fact sheets, can be found at